The Devil Wears Prada in legal technicolor. A smart, thoroughly enjoyable tale.”
–Liz Smith, New York Post Columnist & New York Times Bestselling Author of Natural Blonde
Dishing: Great Dish – And Dishes – From America's Most Beloved Gossip Columnist.

"Wow…a high-tech thriller that cracks open the inner workings of a large law firm and leaves one wondering just how often sexual harassment and hostile work environments are tolerated in the corporate world…I highly recommend Wearing the Spider.”
–Heather Froeschl, Book Review Journal.

“Imaginative, suspenseful and well thought out, Wearing the Spider is a mystery thriller that readers will find hard to put down.”
–Shirley Roe, Allbooks Review.

“…a story that grabs the reader by the throat from the first paragraphs…Wearing the Spider is truly a novel not to be missed.”
–Annie Haws, Euro-Reviews.

“…confronts us with some of the horrifying truths of our computer age world.”
–Ross Malde, TCM Reviews.

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